We filled the entire embankment

I created functional communication through social platforms for regular open-air concerts and events. Reportage photo and video documentation guaranteed a real FOMO (Fear of missing out). 

In less than 2 months I brought in thousands of new customers and tourists.

/Instagram, facebook events, web, google

/reportage photography, product photography, video, SEO, PR

About the project

Capadlo is an unprecedented space for recreational and cultural activities that has been created in the very center of Prague. The arched passageway through the embankment wall, the so-called Capadlo, is located below the Hollar Gallery on the Smetana Embankment and opens directly onto the Vltava River. Čapadlo offers lemonades and spritzes, Pilsner on tap, and the best Neapolitan pizza. In addition to morning yoga classes, there are workshops and acoustic music concerts.